Here are a few steps for maintenance of your log home:

  1. Draw out a diagram of your home that you can have while you do your inspection. It just has to be something where you can take notes.
  2. While doing your inspection bring a camera and take pictures of anything that may need fixing
  3. Wash your home with a log wash before you do your inspection. It is harder to look at your logs without this being done.


You will want to start at one side of your house and go all the way around your house. Inspect each wall individually and don’t look at too much at once. At first you will want to stand back aways and then move closer if you see something that does not look right. You will want to move shrubbery away from the outside wall to be able to look in back of the plants while inspecting.

Making sure you check the finish of the logs is important. Logs that are round tend to weather more on the upper areas more than the lower areas due to sun, rain, snow and sleet. Check around the frame of windows and doors to check the caulking around the edges for weathering.

These are the most important items to do while inspecting your  log home. Feel free to contact us for a quote here.